Untitled (The Peep Show), Oil on Canvas, 2016


Untitled (For Mel), Oil on Canvas, 2015


Untitled (Fireworks), Oil on Canvas, 2014


Untitled (The Pins), Oil on Canvas, 2013

Untitled (The Overpass), Oil on Canvas, 2012.

Untitled (The Shark), Oil on Canvas, 2012

Untitled (The Stoop) updated 2012

Untitled (The Girl), 2011, Oil on Canvas, 72″x46″

Untitled (The Struggle), 2011, Oil on Canvas, 40″x50″
Untitled (The Stoop), 2011, Oil on Canvas, 34″x48″
2010, Oil on Canvas, 36

2010, Oil on Canvas, 36″x48″

Oil on Canvas 38
2010 38″x50″ Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas 36

2009 36″x48″ Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas 60

2008 6o”x60″ Oil on Canvas


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    […] Nolan isn’t slinging books, he’s painting. Check out his work on his blog. His paintings have most recently hung at Bennu […]

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